Saturday, November 5, 2011

For Starters

 Tank Top (Express); Capris (Charlotte Russo); Bracelets (Urban Outfitters) Earrings, Necklace, Bag (Forever 21)

I was having a "who looks better competition" with the mannequin. Obviously she won, effortlessly.
I went to Governor's Island about a month ago and saw an exhibition on the fashion in the 80s I believe (I could be wrong). And this was one of my favorite evening dresses. The color and the texture just made it look so sexy. I love the color! Reminds me of how the sky looks at midnight - so mysterious... Just the way a dress should be. Please excuse my messy hair. I blame it on the heat! 

And that's my brother, Amit. He almost knocked off my new best friends! How rude! But oh my god! - the intricacy of these dresses was beyond belief. I really don't know how someone can stitch up something with that much detail. It's amazing! Props to 'em! 

I know I have the biggest smile ever! Geez!
But overall, it was a really fun day. A lot of modern art to explore. I don't know if I like modern art much but definitely good to look at. And would definitely suggest you to go to Governor's Island (and free bike riding on Fridays but its only open in the summer). 



  1. i love vitage gresses.....they are so classy...
    thenk you for stopping by....hope you keep in luck for your blog...


  2. i love your pink heels - thank you for following, i will follow back! :)



  3. Your so pretty. Mein punjabi vich likha?