Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Gone...

I had said that there would be more pictures of the previous outfit but I managed to misplace them on my laptop. I can't find them... I don't know which file they are in. But no worries! I decided to take pictures of my outfit in the rain with the heels of my new boots going deep into the wet mud. 
Top, Scarf (H&M); Boots (Steve Madden); Blazer (a shop in SoHo) 
I just got these boots as a gift from my brother and absolutely love them! I usually don't wear pencil heels because I feel that I would just fall and break my bones. But I'm getting the hang of these babies.

Or not...

I blame the bad quality of this picture on the fact that it was raining. 

For some weird reason, I really enjoyed the weather today. It was nice in a awkward way. I want it to be cold as hell already! Can't wait for it to snow again.



  1. love this shirt....really great!!


  2. i wanna be famous!!! in btown.

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  5. i love your outfit! the boots are fabulous. great blog i am following! =)

    xoxo - christina

  6. There is nothing not to like here. Love ur blog girl.