Saturday, December 31, 2011

About Time...

I know I haven’t made a post in over a month. I'm alive. Sorry, but I had finals. I did hardcore studying. I’m such a good girl. And then holidays. I’m Indian; my family doesn't celebrate Christmas but despite that I did have a lot of people come over and just hang out. It’s the holidays! This is the one thing I love about the holidays – people come hang out and everyone has fun just sitting around, especially on the floor. I don’t know why but I just love to sit on the floor these days.
I really wish I could hire a professional photographer but I can’t afford to do that. But here’s what I’ll be wearing shortly.

Dress, Necklace (Forever21); Boots (H&M); Bracelet (gift from a friend)
I'm still debating whether I should wear the necklace or not. That can be decided in a bit. But oh my God! I just love these boots! They are my favorite. 

They are so comfortable too. I'm so glad that I bought them. I couldn't find my size; I have the smallest feet possible. They are a size bigger but I got them anyways and so glad I did. I wear them with everything. Trying to look for something similar or the same but no luck yet...  
Anyways, there’s no party or anything of that matter. But no way will I start the New Year looking like a bum. I’ll welcome it looking fabulous and amazing. I hope you all the best and that this year brings a lot of happiness and joy. And just let it all go for tonight and just think of all the happy moments you've had this year. Have no regrets or worries. And stay safe!


  1. gorgeous the booties too!!!

    a kiss from the

  2. That's a great combo and I do love those boots too. I also don't think u have the smallest feet since I just got my gf a size 5 and a half size heals just recently. Happy new year though. :)